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Do you prefer a reasonable ratio of high quality and appropriate price? Are you looking for a reliable supplier of automotive spare parts? Do you count on an individual approach? Do you expect "all in one place?" Do you value your time? DOO Polimer online-store is an honest answer to these and many other questions. Facing the need to find and purchase a particular spare part for cars, everyone is willing to find not only really good quality but also, of course, is willing to buy them as cheaper as possible. That's why DOO Polimer may appear the easiest and most profitable option.Ourexperience of own manufacture, sales and installation of automotive parts is more than 10 years. We produce such auto details as: Spacers to increase the clearance, interturn, bodilift; Silent blocks, bushings, dust caps, mud flaps; The details of the universal destination; Parts for passenger cars, trucks, buses, special vehicles and motorcycles; Products for hunting, fishing and tourism. We value our customers, and therefore are pleased to offer special terms of cooperation our regular customers, a system of discounts and savings. The company's managers are always happy to answer all your questions by phone and e-mail, as well as to provide professional support to maintain your equipment and selection of parts for your car.

Polimer - here you can buy automotive spacers from polyurethane to increase the clearance in Montenegro, Petrovac

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